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MM Table Blender

The MM Table Blender is used to dissolve solids and powders. It has a wide range of uses, such as the production of marmalade, the preparation of pharmaceutical syrups or the dissolution of pectin in glucose. Common use applications are diluting or stabilizing milk in dairy production and dissolving sugar for syrup production in the beverage industries.

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MH Horizontal Blender

MH Horizontal Blender with a compact structure is used to mix solid and liquid products. MH Horizontal Blend is a hygienic blender that can be used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.
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Mix Blend Horizontal Blender

MixBlend Horizontal Blenders are used to add solids that tend to clump when mixed with liquids. The advantage of this blender, unlike many other blender models, is that it is suitable for use with products containing higher concentrations of gum and thickeners. Ideal for solids such as gums, pectins and other thickening agents. The scope of application is limited to the addition of small quantities of solids that quickly disperse and break up into the product.
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M-226 / M-440 Powder Liquid Vertical Blender

Liquid-Powder vertical blenders designed for powder-liquid mixtures are made of 316 L material in different capacities. It provides the mixture of powder raw material with liquid, especially in the food and dairy sectors, by circulating quickly.

M440-M226 Liquid Powder Blender is used to mix solids into liquids.

In the food processing industry, it is used to dilute milk powder, make syrup, prepare brine, etc. They offer the perfect solution for They can also be used in the preparation of solid-liquid mixtures in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

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Industrial Blender: The Key to Professional Mixing

Industrial blenders, designed for high-volume mixing processes in kitchens, restaurants and food production facilities, stand out with their strong performance and durable structure. In this category consisting of table, horizontal and vertical blenders, you can find the most suitable solution for the needs of your business.

Industrial Blender Products

  1. Table Blender: Table blenders, which are frequently preferred in industrial kitchens, take up little space with their compact design and can be easily used on the counter. They are ideal for mixing large quantities with their high capacity and powerful engines. They offer excellent results in the preparation of various recipes such as smoothies, sauces and soups.
  2. Horizontal Blender: Horizontal blenders are an ideal option for businesses that need to produce large quantities. They are suitable for mixing in large boilers with their large capacities and powerful engines. They are resistant to intensive use in businesses such as restaurants, patisseries and food production facilities.
  3. Vertical Blender: Preferred for fast and effective mixing, vertical blenders provide excellent results, especially in the preparation of liquid recipes such as soups and sauces. It is an indispensable part of industrial kitchens with its powerful motors and durable blades. It is easy to use and delivers durable performance in busy work environments.

Our industrial blenders are made of durable materials and can withstand heavy use. Optimize your business's production processes and achieve excellent results with the quality of reliable brands. Choose the one that suits your business needs and enjoy the professional mix!