Reliable and effective Industrial Fittings are vital in the daily operations of industrial businesses. Sesinoks’ industrial fastening equipment category offers a wide range of products designed to meet a variety of industrial needs.

Elbows, industrial fittings, flanges, hydraulic fittings, hose nozzles, camlocks, sleeves, nipples, reducers, plugs, tees. Sesinoks flow equipment.


Bends are used in pipelines to change the direction of the flow. You can rotate the pipeline to the desired direction with stainless steel bends at different angles such as 90°, 45°, 30°.
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Camlocks are fittings used to connect hoses to the water supply. There is no hard connection like camlocks unions and they do not come out of the hose union at the moment of pressure.
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Stainless Flanges; It is a stainless fittings material that provides leakproof joining of parts in pipelines and various machines. Stainless flanges are generally used in pressurized environments. Flanges are sealed with gaskets used against pressure.

Hose End

The hose nozzle is used to connect the hose to the faucet or other element. It should fully adapt to the hose and the place where it is connected for sealing.
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Hydraulic Fittings

The fittings used to ensure continuity in hydraulic pipelines are called Hydraulic Fittings. Hydraulic Fittings are used to connect a hydraulic hose to components such as hydraulic cylinders, pipes, tubes or different types of hydraulic hoses. Different hydraulic fittings allow fluid to flow, change direction, change direction or mix.
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Muffs are fasteners used in many different areas and in pipe installations, which enable pipes to be joined together with or without welding.
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Nipples are connecting elements that are used to connect pipes and various equipment to the pipeline and to change the direction of the pipeline.
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Plugs are used to end pipe flow, stop flow and seal. You can get hex plugs, square plugs and round plugs from our online site.
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The fittings used in pipelines to increase or decrease the pressure by changing the diameter of the pipe, to change the temperature and flow rate of the material flowing in it, are called reduction. reductions
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Tee Fittings

TEE is used in pipelines to change the direction of the flow and flow in two different directions. You can turn the pipeline to the desired direction with stainless steel tees at different angles such as 90°, 45°, 30°.
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Unions are plumbing parts used for joining pipelines or joining pipes. Unions are important plumbing parts that ensure the correct connection and sealing of pipelines.
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Industrial Fittings: The Key to Reliability and Efficiency

Elbows and Fittings: Industrial elbows and fittings of various sizes used in turns in industrial pipe systems increase the flexibility of pipelines and facilitate the installation of complex systems.

Hydraulic Fittings: Hydraulic fittings designed for the reliable operation of hydraulic systems provide sealing even under high pressure and optimize system performance.

Flanges: Flanges connecting pipelines increase the efficiency of industrial facilities by providing sealing and reliable connection.

Camlocks and Couplers: Camlocks and couplings, which provide fast assembly and disassembly, reduce maintenance times and reduce operating costs.

Nipples and Reducers: Nipples and reducers, which combine pipes of different diameters and sizes, provide flexibility and meet various application requirements.

Plug and Tee Connections: Plug and tee connections used for closing and branching pipelines increase the flexibility and functionality of the systems.

Sesinoks Industrial Fittings category offers durable and long-lasting products made of high quality materials. Each product is designed and manufactured to industrial standards, delivering robust performance customers can rely on to meet the most demanding application requirements.

Sesinoks industrial connection equipment is an ideal choice to increase the efficiency of industrial facilities and ensure their reliability. With quality materials, excellent workmanship and a wide range of products for various applications, Sesinoks is a reliable partner to meet your industrial connection needs.