Tank equipment such as manholes, sampling valve, cleaning equipment, and spray balls are essential for maintaining and cleaning tanks in various industries.

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Round Outward Manhole Covers

Outward Tank Lids (Round Outward Manhole Covers) are used for adding, removing, cleaning, etc. products inside the tanks. The reasons are the tank Menhole made of stainless steel in terms of hygiene, providing easy access, safe against leakage and untimely opening.
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Outward Rectangular Menhole Cover

Especially used in bottling and washing machines and industries, the Outward Rectangular Menhole Cover are designed to easily remove the pulp accumulated under the tank and provide easy access to the tank and easy closing and opening.
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Inward Oval Manhole

Inward Oval Manhole, Designed to be used safely in high pressure tanks, that can be opened inwards provide easy access to the tank and easy closing and opening feature.
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Spray Ball (Fixed Type)

Fixed type Spray Ball tank cleaning balls made of stainless steel are used for cleaning the inner surfaces of tanks.
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Spray Ball Jet (Rotary Type)

Discover the efficient cleaning power of Spray Ball Jet Rotary type. Perfect for industrial applications, this tool ensures thorough and effective cleaning.
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Jetmix Tank Cleaning

Rotary jet head tank cleaning devices (Jetmix Tank Cleaning Ball) provide exceptional cleanability, better end product quality, higher overall output and lower operating costs. It is designed for marine, hygiene, biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications. Tank Cleaning Equipment, which can rotate 360 degrees, is mounted inside the tank, has BSP threaded connection, is made of A.316 Stainless Steel, is used in Food, Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals and all industries that require post-production cleaning.

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Aseptic Keofitt Sampling Valve

The reference for hygienic and microbiological sampling, the Keofitt Sampling Valve is the original, sterilizable in situ sampling valves that continues to revolutionize the field of sterile sampling.

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Sampling Valve

The Sampling Valve is designed for quality control during production. The end product and the different stages of production require a rigorous sampling process.
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Scanjet Tank Cleaning Equipment

Scanjet Tank Cleaning Equipment; The rotary jet head is a hygienic tank cleaning machine that provides 360-degree coverage in a given tank or process vessel.
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Sterivalve Aseptic Radial Diaphragm Valves

Aseptic design for minimized contamination risk for Pharma & Biotechnology with Sterivalve Aseptic Radial Diaphragm Valves
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Tank Ventilation Valve and Filter

Tank Ventilation Valve is a valve that maintains the atmospheric pressure inside the tanks during vacuum, filling and emptying.
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Tank Equipment: Everything You Need to Optimize Your Tanks

In industrial facilities, tanks play a critical role in the storage, transportation and processing of products. These tanks can offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, safety and quality when equipped with the right equipment. At this point, tank equipment such as sampling valves, tank ventilation valves, tank covers, tank cleaning ball and jet come into play.

Sampling Valves:

Sampling valves are designed to take samples from your tanks. They are critical for determining product quality in your production processes, process monitoring and quality control. Sampling valves come in a variety of types and can be selected to suit your tank's needs.

Tank Vent Valves:

Tank vent valves are used to balance the internal pressure of your tanks and vent them safely. They ensure the safety of your tanks by preventing excessive pressure or vacuum formation. They also help maintain product quality by regulating the environment inside the tank.

Manhols - Tank Covers:

Manhols ensure the accessibility of your tanks and allow easy access to the products inside. Additionally, it protects the inside of the tank from the external environment and prevents leaks. Available in different materials and sizes, tank covers can be chosen to suit your tank's requirements.

Tank Cleaning Ball and Jet:

Equipment such as tank cleaning cannons and jets are used to clean and maintain your tanks. They effectively clean the dirt and debris inside the tank by spraying high pressure water or cleaning solution. Some models equipped with automatic control systems automate the cleaning process and reduce labor.

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