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2-Ways Plug Cock

Hygienic 2-Ways Plug Cock are valves that allow flow to be controlled in two directions, especially used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries. Perform sanitary and safe processes in your various hygienic applications with Sesinoks hygienic 2-Ways Valve. Your solution partner in streaming equipment.
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3-Ways Plug Cock

3-Ways Plug Cock (Three-way valves) are widely used for control purposes in food processing, wine and beer production, oil refinery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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Air Operated Valves (Pneumatic valve)

Air Operated Valves (Pneumatic valve) is a type of powered valve that uses compressed air to operate the valve mechanism. It typically consists of a pneumatic actuator that converts energy from compressed air into mechanical motion and a valve body that controls the flow of liquid or gas in the system. Air Operated Valves are commonly used in industrial applications where hazardous or explosive substances may be present, as they can be remotely controlled and do not require electrical power.
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Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valves are a type of valve used in places where remote control is desired to be opened and closed, or where the contact of the fluid in the process with the valve mechanisms is not desired.
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Flow Control Valve

The Flow Control Valve is a pneumatic flow controlled single seat valve for hygienic applications. Its main function includes regulating the flow, controlling the pressure and level.
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Hygienic Ball Valve

A Hygienic ball valve is a type of valve that controls flow along the line in a perforated and rotating sphere. These are the valves that work with the principle of moving the arm on the ball valves by 90°. Flow occurs when the perforated part on the Sphere in the ball valve is brought to the position to be in the same direction as the flow direction. Flow is restricted by moving the lever 90° from this position.

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Hygienic Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve; It is a type of valve developed to produce more economical solutions in the control of liquids, gases or particulates, used for controlling viscous fluids, with a simple, compact structure, taking up little space, providing 100% impermeability.
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Hygienic check valve

Hygienic check valve is a type of valve that allows liquids to flow in one direction. Although its main purpose is to prevent recycling, there are many types of check valves.

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Safety Vent

Safety Vent (Safety Valve), lines, pumps, accessories, pools, etc. It is a valve used to perform pressure bypasses for safety purposes.
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Tank Bottom Valve

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Vacuum Valves

Vacuum valves are valve installed in the supply or exhaust line of a vacuum system. Vacuum control valves are a valve designed to maintain atmospheric pressure within the tank while the tank is being filled or emptied. The system is sealed until overpressurized. It is set to expel excess gas when a set pressure threshold is exceeded.

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Stainless sanitary valve is a kind of valve material used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other sanitation applications. It is made of stainless steel and its surfaces are smooth so that it prevents the accumulation of bacteria or other microorganisms and is easy to clean.

Sanitary valves are designed to suit a variety of applications used in the transfer and handling of products or liquids. For example, they can be used in the transport and processing of many different liquids, such as dairy applications, beer, wine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.

Hygienic valves; It is divided into many types according to the purpose of use, such as ball valve, butterfly valve, two-way valve, three-way valve.

Stainless hygienic valves attract attention with their sealing properties and provide a low risk of leakage. It is also designed to operate under a variety of temperatures and pressures. The properties of these valves have led to their frequent use in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Hygienic Valves: Reliable Solutions to Meet Your Hygiene Standards

Flow control is critical for hygienic businesses and hygienic valves are designed to meet these requirements. Hygienic valves are reliable and hygienic valve solutions used to control liquid and gas flow. Our wide range of products offers ideal solutions for a variety of industrial applications and meets your hygiene standards.

Hygienic Check Valve: Prevent Backward Flow

Hygienic check valves are used to control liquid or gas flow unidirectionally and prevent retrograde flow. These valves have smooth surfaces designed to comply with hygiene requirements and are easy to clean. They are widely used in hygienic enterprises and ensure product safety.

Hygienic Butterfly Valve: Flexibility and Convenience

Hygienic butterfly valves attract attention with their light and compact designs. The rotating disc design takes up little space and facilitates cleaning while providing flow control. These valves can be used in a wide range of applications and meet hygienic standards.

Hygienic Ball Valve: Maximum Tightness and Durability

Hygienic ball valves provide flow control by rotating a round ball and provide maximum tightness under high pressure and temperature conditions. They are used in hygienic businesses in applications requiring aggressive fluids or harsh working conditions.

Hygienic Diaphragm Valve: Precise Flow Control

Hygienic diaphragm valves are used in applications requiring precise flow control. The flexible diaphragm design controls the flow without interruption and is designed to comply with hygiene standards.

Flow Adjustment Valve: Precise Flow Control

Hygienic flow control valves are used to precisely control the flow rate. These valves are ideal for adjusting product flow and ensuring processes are optimized.

Hygienic Two and Three Way Valve: Various Flow Direction

Hygienic two- and three-way valves allow flow to be directed in various directions and meet hygiene standards. These valves are used in various process applications and provide maximum flow control.

Tank Bottom Valve: In-Tank Flow Control

Tank bottom valves are used to control the liquid level in the tank and are designed in accordance with hygienic standards. These valves ensure accurate management of the liquid level and increase process safety.

Air Operated Valve: Automatic Control Possibility

Air-operated valves enable processes to be managed more effectively by providing automatic control. These valves are ideal for automatic flow control in hygienic processes.

Vacuum Valve: Reliable Performance in Vacuum Applications

Vacuum valves provide reliable performance in vacuum applications and meet hygiene standards. These valves provide flow control in vacuum systems and increase system efficiency.

Reliability and Flexibility of Hygienic Valves

Hygienic valves provide reliable and flexible solutions to meet the flow control requirements of industrial businesses. Our wide range of products offers options to suit different industrial applications and gives our customers the confidence to provide valves that meet hygienic standards.