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Discover top-quality hygienic valves for pristine, contamination-free processes. Ensure safety and purity with our premium hygienic valve solutions. Sesinoks.

Stainless sanitary valve is a kind of valve material used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other sanitation applications. It is made of stainless steel and its surfaces are smooth so that it prevents the accumulation of bacteria or other microorganisms and is easy to clean.

Sanitary valves are designed to suit a variety of applications used in the transfer and handling of products or liquids. For example, they can be used in the transport and processing of many different liquids, such as dairy applications, beer, wine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.

Hygienic valves; It is divided into many types according to the purpose of use, such as ball valve, butterfly valve, two-way valve, three-way valve.

Stainless hygienic valves attract attention with their sealing properties and provide a low risk of leakage. It is also designed to operate under a variety of temperatures and pressures. The properties of these valves have led to their frequent use in the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.