For your industrial applications compensators, filters, hose connection part, measurement control equipment, pipe equipments, sight glass and more at Sesinoks.


Compensators is the element that absorbs the expansion and contraction of the pipe installations (as a result of the temperature effect of the materials, which is one of the basic rules of physics) and the mechanical vibrations that occur in the installation.
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Filters have a hygienic design and are used to filter particles capable of damaging pumps and other equipment. Sanitary filters are ideal for the food-processing and pharmaceutical industries.
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Hose Connection Part

Hoses are materials used to transfer liquids and gases from one environment to another without dispersal. Mostly rubber hoses and silicone hoses are widely used in industry.
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Measurement Control Equipment

As your applications expand, you need to ensure process consistency, product quality and high productivity throughout your entire operation. Our portfolio of hygienic Measurement Control Equipment technology for all industries is easy to use, reliable and can be integrated with industry control systems.

Pipe Equipments

In pipelines, all apparatus used for purposes such as installation, straightening, compression and cutting of pipes are rested on Pipe Equipment.
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Sight Glass

Industrial sight glass for inspection of products. We have different types of hygienic sight glasses in stock, such as Flat Sight Glass, Sight Glass with Illumination, Sight Glass with Led Light and Cross Sight Glass.
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