We offer specific solutions for different sectors such as energy, chemistry, maritime, food, beverage and cosmetics with our blenders, fast mixing mixers and agitators..

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Vertical Mixer

The Vertical Mixer provides a solution for dispersing, emulsifying, homogenizing and disintegrating solids in a wide range of products in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.
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Inline Mixer

ME-4100 series inline high shear mixers offer the ability to pump, disperse, homogenize and emulsify products with one and the same equipment. Many chemical, food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing processes require this system due to the lack of space inside the tanks for vertical or undertank mixers. These mixers are particularly useful in existing plants. They can work with the circulation tank, which reaches the best efficiency after the product passes through the mixer several times.
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Tank Bottom Mixer

The ME-6100 series of the high shear bottom of the tank mixers present a highly hygienic solution for the processes of dispersion, emulsifying, homogenisation and disintegration of solids in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and fine chemistry industries.

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Multitooth Mixer

The 8100X series multitooth mixers are employed in the applications requiring high shear for achieving a thorough emulsification.
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BCI Vertical Agitator

BCI Vertical Agitator are used in industries such as food, cosmetics and chemistry. They have a reinforced bearing. Different propeller options are available according to the application process. All surfaces in contact with the product are made of A316 stainless steel and are electropolished. It can be mixed in the viscosity range of 1-1000 cps.

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PBC Portable Agitator

PBC series mixers are clamped and vertical and direct motorized mixers. These mixers can be used for mixing, dissolving, dispersing and maintenance operations when very strong and fast agitation is required, usually in the food processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. PBC Portable Mixers can be installed in small tanks up to 1,500 liters to work with low viscosity products.

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LR/LM Bottom Side Entry Agitator

The Bottom Side Entry Agitator - LR/LM are adapted to the tanks with an angle from the side. They are used in sectors such as food, cosmetics and chemistry. They have a reinforced bearing. Different propeller options are available according to the application process. All surfaces in contact with the product are made of A316 stainless steel and are electropolished. It can be mixed in the viscosity range of 1-1000 cps.

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SMX Side Entry Agitator

Side Entry Agitators are an economical and effective solution for storage tanks in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The most important application is the maintenance and homogenization in large volume tanks of low viscosity products such as wine, oil, milk, beer, alcohol, etc.

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CPG Side Entry Agitator

CPG Side Entry Agitator is a side entry mixer for the Winemaking industry. Specially designed for Wine Tanks, these are mixers with the impeller feature that opens automatically when the mixer is running. It is an economical and practical solution with its ability to be used in many tanks due to its mobile nature. They are produced in 3 different capacities of 20m3 - 25-50m3 and 50-100 m3.
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NBI Vertical Agitators

NBI Vertical Agitators can be used for mixing, dissolving, dispersing medium or low viscosity products – when medium or light agitation is required in the food processing, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or chemical industries.

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NHS Vertical Agitator

The NHS Vertical Agitators are vertical agitators with worm gearmotor. They can be used in mixing, dissolution and maintenance processes where a mild to medium mixing is required. This agitator is designed for the food-processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries and it is provided with the most suitable finish for each industry.

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BMA Magnetic Agitator

The BMA magnetic agitator is a highly hygienic solution for dispersion, dissolution, homogenization and mixing applications in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications and food processing industries.

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MCR Counter-rotating Agitator

Hygienic MCR Counter-rotating Agitator (Anchor Mixers) are our solution for mixing and homogenizing medium to high viscosity products for a wide variety of very common applications often requested for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.
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IBC Tank Agitator

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MM Table Blender

The MM Table Blender is used to dissolve solids and powders. It has a wide range of uses, such as the production of marmalade, the preparation of pharmaceutical syrups or the dissolution of pectin in glucose. Common use applications are diluting or stabilizing milk in dairy production and dissolving sugar for syrup production in the beverage industries.

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MH Horizontal Blender

MH Horizontal Blender with a compact structure is used to mix solid and liquid products. MH Horizontal Blend is a hygienic blender that can be used in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications.
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Mix Blend Horizontal Blender

MixBlend Horizontal Blenders are used to add solids that tend to clump when mixed with liquids. The advantage of this blender, unlike many other blender models, is that it is suitable for use with products containing higher concentrations of gum and thickeners. Ideal for solids such as gums, pectins and other thickening agents. The scope of application is limited to the addition of small quantities of solids that quickly disperse and break up into the product.
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M-226 / M-440 Powder Liquid Vertical Blender

Liquid-Powder vertical blenders designed for powder-liquid mixtures are made of 316 L material in different capacities. It provides the mixture of powder raw material with liquid, especially in the food and dairy sectors, by circulating quickly.

M440-M226 Liquid Powder Blender is used to mix solids into liquids.

In the food processing industry, it is used to dilute milk powder, make syrup, prepare brine, etc. They offer the perfect solution for They can also be used in the preparation of solid-liquid mixtures in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

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Mixers used in many industrial areas such as energy, chemical, marine, food, beverage and cosmetic industries play an important role in production processes. Industrial mixers increase production efficiency and ensure quality by ensuring homogeneous mixing of various materials. Different types of mixers in this category are designed to meet various industrial needs.

Stainless mixers are an important equipment widely used in industrial areas. These mixers, made of stainless steel, are preferred in many areas, especially the food industry, thanks to their durability and hygienic features. Stainless mixers are used to homogeneously mix liquids, powders or solids of various viscosities.

Industrial mixers

Industrial mixers are powerful and effective machines often used in large-scale manufacturing facilities. These mixers are designed to increase efficiency in high volume production. Used in a variety of industrial applications from chemical processes to food production, industrial mixers often operate in specially designed tanks or containers.

Tank mixers are mixing systems used in large capacity tanks. Such mixers are generally used to mix liquid products or accelerate their reactions. Tank mixers are widely used in fields such as industrial chemistry, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Mixers are an important equipment used in industrial production processes. These machines ensure homogeneous mixing of materials, thus improving product quality and improving production efficiency. Industrial mixers can be available in different sizes and capacities and can often be customized according to the needs of the manufacturing facility.

Industrial mixing mixers are powerful machines generally used for homogeneous mixing of liquid and solid materials. These mixers are widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical industry and many other industrial applications. Industrial mixer mixers are designed to automate production processes and improve product quality.

Tank mixers are mixing systems used in large capacity tanks. These mixers are generally used for homogeneous mixing of viscous liquids. Tank agitator mixers are used in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and many other industrial fields.

The category of industrial mixers includes a variety of mixers, blenders, and mixers used in industrial manufacturing processes. Products in this category are designed to meet different industrial needs. Stainless mixers, industrial mixers, tank mixers and many other types of mixers have an important role in improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.