A self-priming pump is a type of pump that absorbs water or other liquids and carries them through pipes or hoses at a high pressure.

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Aspir Self-Priming Pumps

ASPIR Self-Priming Pumps are suitable for use in food processes, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is generally used for the transfer of products at temperatures close to the boiling point such as oil, wine, alcohol, acetone. Its main application is as a CIP return pump.

Gear pump with self-priming feature can transfer the product by sucking from a distance of 4-5 meters. It is extensively used in CIP systems, food applications and fluid transfers containing steam.
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The self-priming pump type can work even when the water level or liquid level changes because it has self-priming feature to suck up the liquid.

The operation of the self-priming pump begins with the pump absorbing the liquid, creating a vacuum in the suction pipe. The suction pipe in the pump body is placed in a well under the pump body. The pump performs suction by immersing the suction pipe in water or other liquids. During this process, the rotating part of the pump draws the liquid into the pump body and is then pushed forward through the pipe or hose.

Types of self-priming pumps are:

  1. Jet Pumps: Jet pumps are a type of self-priming pump that pumps water at high pressure by sucking the water in the suction pipe. Compared to the submersible pump, jet pumps offer higher efficiency and longer life.
  2. Turbine Pumps: Turbine pumps are a type of self-priming pump with multiple small impellers that draw fluid into the pump body and then push it forward through hoses or pipes.
  3. Self-Priming Submersible Pumps: A self-priming submersible pump is a pump that sucks and transports liquid through pipes or hoses. It is also known as a submersible pump and is particularly ideal for removing water from springs, wells or cisterns.
  4. Self-Priming Hose Pumps: Self-priming hose pumps are a type of pump that absorbs liquid with a large diameter hose and carries it through high-pressure pipes or hoses. Hose sizes can vary and can be used to transport large volumes of water or liquids.

The use of self-priming pumps is widely used in many fields, especially for supplying water from water sources, industrial applications, irrigation in farms and gardens.