Manhols are covers generally used for large closed containers such as industrial tanks, storage tanks or pressure vessels. These covers are used for purposes such as providing access to the contents of the tank, protecting the contents, closing the openings used for filling or discharging operations, or controlling the pressure level of the tank.

Round Outward Manhole Covers

Outward Tank Lids (Round Outward Manhole Covers) are used for adding, removing, cleaning, etc. products inside the tanks. The reasons are the tank Menhole made of stainless steel in terms of hygiene, providing easy access, safe against leakage and untimely opening.
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Outward Rectangular Menhole Cover

Especially used in bottling and washing machines and industries, the Outward Rectangular Menhole Cover are designed to easily remove the pulp accumulated under the tank and provide easy access to the tank and easy closing and opening.
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Inward Oval Manhole

Inward Oval Manhole, Designed to be used safely in high pressure tanks, that can be opened inwards provide easy access to the tank and easy closing and opening feature.
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Tank covers can be of different types depending on their intended use and the characteristics of the tank:

  1. Flat Covers: These are simple and flat covers. They are often used to gain access to the tank. These covers are usually fixed with screw connections or locking mechanisms.
  2. Pressure Covers: These are the covers used in pressurized tanks. These valves are designed to control the pressure inside the tank and lower or increase the pressure as needed. They may be equipped with safety valves and pressure gauges.
  3. Openable Covers: These types of covers are used for filling or unloading the material in the tank. Opening doors are usually equipped with hinge mechanisms or lifting systems.
  4. Spring Covers: These are covers that can close automatically. These covers are used to ensure the safety of tank contents. They can also open automatically when a certain level of pressure or temperature is reached.
  5. Leak Proof Covers: These covers are designed to prevent tank contents from leaking out or contamination from outside. They are usually equipped with sealing gaskets or locking mechanisms.

Tank covers are selected and designed in accordance with the tank's intended use, content and operating conditions. These covers are important to ensure the safe and efficient operation of tanks used in industrial businesses.

There are varieties such as outward circular cover, outward rectangular cover, and inwardoval cover.