Steam Generators play a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry, providing a reliable and controlled source of steam for various manufacturing processes.

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Steam Generator

IFSG – Indirect Steam Generators; Indirect steam generators can be detachable or fixed tube bundles. They are manufactured within a wide horizontal or vertical natural circulation range to satisfy all possible applications. PFSG - Pharmaceutical Industry Indirect Steam Generators; Designed and manufactured according to pharmaceutical standard guidelines. The steam generator consists of a vertical body and pipe changer with the DTS System connected to a development chamber where evaporation takes place.

IFSG – Indirect Steam Generators, PFSG – Pharmaceutical Industry Indirect Steam Generators. Ideal solutions for your industrial applications with Sesinoks assurance.

Steam generators are devices that produce steam by generally heating water. This steam is used to provide energy in many industrial processes. Steam generators are available in different sizes and types and can be designed to suit a variety of applications.

Indirect steam generators generally produce steam through an internal heat transfer fluid (such as hot water or thermal oil). These types of generators are generally used where processes need to be protected from direct contact with steam. Indirect steam generators do not burn fuel to produce steam, so they are generally considered less polluting and safer.

Pharmaceutical industry indirect steam generators are indirect steam generators used in the pharmaceutical industry. Such generators play an important role in the supply of steam used in pharmaceutical production processes and in applications such as sterilization. In sensitive processes such as pharmaceutical production, the cleanliness and quality of steam is critical. Therefore, pharmaceutical industry indirect steam generators are designed and manufactured to meet these requirements.