Using Stainless Steel Profile provides the following advantages;

  • Faster assembly
  • Wide span applications
  • Lower construction cost and lower product cost solution
  • Lighter, higher strength
  • More aesthetic solutions than alternative products

The box profile with different cross-sections is examined in 2 main ways. These are square and rectangular box profiles. It is manufactured by high frequency welding from St37, St44 and St52 quality steel bands as standard, in accordance with DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung / German Standards Institute) norms. Square and rectangular box profiles are produced from hot and cold rolled bands with the use of advanced technology. The sections to be used change according to the usage areas. Not only the sections but also the dimensions of the selected profiles change. Therefore, box profiles should be selected by researching. Dimension, weight, cross-sectional area and weight of all profiles are determined by tables. These tables are determined by regulations such as TS 3024, TS 6474, TS5317, so all calculations will be the same for each profile.