Considerations While Buying Plate Heat Exchanger; It is very important to choose the right plate material, the right gasket material and both the plate and body thickness with the desired strength, suitable for the a pplication and maximum pressure in which it will be used. In addition, the quality certificates of the product and its origin are of great importance.

Braze (Lehimli) Plakalı Isı Eşanjörleri

Nowadays, unfortunately, there are companies that produce and market very low quality plates (by showing high quality) and gaskets both in China and in places where the manufacturing sites are unknown, just in order to sell materials at cheap prices.

Although almost every company has ISO 9001 certificate today, the marking (which is an indispensable part of ISO 9001) on their plates and gaskets is not included on the plates and gaskets of many companies, or even on the body material. This should give an idea about how accurate the Plate Heat Exchanger certificates they use are.

For this reason, choosing companies that manufacture Plate Heat Exchangers using today’s technology and have references both at home and abroad will be very important in order to have a product that provides the desired values and is worth the price paid.