What is a Pump? What are the Usage Areas of Pumps?

Pumps are generally mechanical devices that move a fluid (liquid or gas) from one place to another. Pumps are used in many different industries and they can be classified into various types.

Descriptions of Various Pump Types:

  1. Centrifugal Pumps:

    • Centrifugal pump have propeller-like blades driven by a rotor that rotates around their rotation axes.
    • The fluid is pushed outward due to centrifugal force.
    • They are used to pump liquids from low pressures to high pressures.
    • They are widely used in many applications such as industrial water supply, wastewater treatment, chemical, petroleum industry.
  2. Positive Displacement Pump:

    • Positive displacement pumps pump fluid by creating a volume change.
    • There are various subtypes such as gear pumps, piston pumps, screw pumps.
    • They are used to pump fluid more precisely and provide high efficiency in pressurized flow.
    • They are widely used in fields such as food industry, chemistry, oil industry, pharmaceutical production.
  3. Self Priming Pump:

    • Self-priming pump work by creating a vacuum inside them to draw in water or other fluids.
    • They are widely used in applications such as water pumping, pool cleaning and irrigation.Th
    • ey are frequently preferred in domestic and light commercial applications due to their simple design and ease of use.
  4. Barrel Pump:

    • A barrel pump is used to draw or transfer liquids from barrels or other containers.
    • They are generally used to transfer industrial liquids such as chemicals, oils and solvents.
    • They are widely used in places such as workshops, factories and warehouses due to their easy use and portability.
  5. Air Diaphragm Pump:

    • The air diaphragm pump has a mechanism that allows air or gas pressure to pump a fluid by compressing the diaphragm.
    • They are used in applications such as transfer of various chemicals, paint spraying, wastewater pumping.
    • They are preferred in industrial environments due to their explosion-proof, dry-running ability and self-priming properties.

Sesinoks PumpsSesinoks Pumps

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Pump Application Areas

In general, pumps are used extensively in the following sectors.

  • Milk Processes
  • Alcoholic-Non-Alcoholic Beverage Transfer
  • Glucose Transfer
  • Chocolate, Cream Transfer
  • Vinegar, Must, Wine Production
  • Yeast Production
  • Oil and Margarine Production
  • Cleaning Agent Production
  • Soap and Detergent Production
  • Dye Transfer
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical
  • Medicine, Deionized Water Transfer
  • Paraffin – Vaseline Production