Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Metal Processing Industry: They are used for purposes such as controlling the temperature in various processes, saving energy and increasing product quality.

Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Metal Processing Industry

  1. Cooling: During metal processing, especially in metal casting and forming operations, the metal may need to be cooled to a certain temperature. Heat exchangers keep this process under control by lowering the temperature of water or another refrigerant used to cool the metal.
  2. Heating: When shaping or transforming metal, it may be necessary to heat the metal to a certain temperature. Heat exchangers control the heat used to ensure the metal reaches the desired temperature and perform this process efficiently.
  3. Hot Water Production: Hot water is often required for various processes in metal processing plants. Heat exchangers enable the energy used to produce this hot water to be efficiently recovered, thus reducing energy costs.
  4. Steam Production: Steam is used in some metalworking processes. Heat exchangers save energy by recovering the heat used to produce steam.
  5. Heat Recovery: Waste heat generated in metal processing facilities is generally considered waste heat. However, by using heat exchangers, this waste heat can be recovered and reused in processes. This reduces energy costs and increases the overall efficiency of the facility.
  6. Air Conditioning and Ventilation: Heat exchangers can be used to control indoor temperature in metal processing facilities. These exchangers regulate the temperature of the air within the facility and make the working environment more comfortable.

Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Metal Processing IndustryMetal Processing Applications

  • Steel applications
  • Oven chimneys cooling
  • Closed circuit furnace water cooling
  • Closed circuit continuous casting cooling
  • Copper
  • Acid plants
  • Electrolyte cooling

Metal Finishing Applications

  • Washing parts
  • Coating systems
  • Paint systems

Use of Heat Exchangers in the Metal Processing Industry provides significant advantages such as increasing energy efficiency, reducing production costs and reducing environmental impact. Therefore, it is widely used by many metal processing plants.