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LR/LM Bottom Side Entry Agitator

The Bottom Side Entry Agitator - LR/LM are adapted to the tanks with an angle from the side. They are used in sectors such as food, cosmetics and chemistry. They have a reinforced bearing. Different propeller options are available according to the application process. All surfaces in contact with the product are made of A316 stainless steel and are electropolished. It can be mixed in the viscosity range of 1-1000 cps.

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SMX Side Entry Agitator

Side Entry Agitators are an economical and effective solution for storage tanks in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. The most important application is the maintenance and homogenization in large volume tanks of low viscosity products such as wine, oil, milk, beer, alcohol, etc.

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CPG Side Entry Agitator

CPG Side Entry Agitator is a side entry mixer for the Winemaking industry. Specially designed for Wine Tanks, these are mixers with the impeller feature that opens automatically when the mixer is running. It is an economical and practical solution with its ability to be used in many tanks due to its mobile nature. They are produced in 3 different capacities of 20m3 - 25-50m3 and 50-100 m3.
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