Stainless Threaded Fittings are used in non-hygienic applications in process lines. The most important reason for preference is rapid assembly in pipelines. In lines where welded connections are used, more time needs to be spent for re-cutting and trimming operations.

It is generally preferred to be used in pipelines that do not exceed 10 bar (150lbs) pressure in the market.

Considering the chemical properties such as corrosion of the fluid, acid values, etc., the choice of whether the material will be of A.304 or A316 quality is made.

Threaded fittings; stainless nipple, stainless threaded elbow, stainless threaded reducer, stainless threaded union, stainless threaded tee, stainless hose end, stainless threaded blind plug, stainless tail elbow, stainless sleeve, stainless strainer are included in our product range.

Stainless threaded ball valve, stainless check valve are used in harmony with these systems.

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