Heat Exchanger Application Areas

Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Beverage Industry

Use of Heat Exchangers in the Beverage Industry

İçecek Sanayiinde Isı Eşanjörleri Kullanım AlanlarıSPX has a long history within the beverage industry. It has gained quite a wealth of experience in cooperation with customers and worldwide deliveries. Today, many global brands manufacture using APV products, units and systems.
With its wide product range, technologies, know-how, projects and services, SPX offers fruit juice, bottled water, carbonated drinks,
serves in the production of functional beverages, tea & coffee and light beverages.

APV products and systems for beverage production

Mixing and Blending

SPX offers a wide range of continuous mixing and SPX blending equipment for sugar, powder, gas and molten liquids that fit all their specific needs.

  • APV FlexMix family
  • APV FlexMix CSD (Continuous Sugar Dissolver) Fully automatic sugar syrup mixing system with Brix control)
  • APV CarboMaster (Continuous product mixing and CO2/N2 )
  • APV BlendMaster (Continuous mixing with binary or multi-component liquids, water, concentrates, sugar syrup, citric acid, salts, flavors, other substances)

Air Removal

  • APV Dearator VIIS (Cold water deaerator)
  • APV Dearator VID (Hot water air separator)
  • APV Dearator VFJ (Removal of air from juice concentrates, soft drinks and sugar syrup)

Heat Treatment

  • APV Pasteurizer
  • Fruit juices and concentrates, soft drinks, nectar, tea, coffee or indirectly or directly UHT
  • Other beverages using technologies of the SPX portfolio can be used for aseptic heat treatment.
  • Businesses applying UHT that depend on continuity can be selected from the SPX UHT technology portfolio.

Evaporation and Distillation

  • APV Evaporator Provinces are used to make fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, instant coffee and tea.
  • APV distillation restores aromatic flavors in coffee and juice.