Use of Heat Exchangers in the Beverage Industry

Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Beverage Industry; SPX has a long history within the beverage industry. It has gained quite a wealth of experience in cooperation with customers and worldwide deliveries. Today, many global brands manufacture using APV products, units and systems.
With its wide product range, technologies, know-how, projects and services, SPX offers fruit juice, bottled water, carbonated drinks,
serves in the production of functional beverages, tea & coffee and light beverages.

Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Beverage Industry

APV products and systems for beverage production

Usage Areas of Heat Exchangers in Beverage Industry

Mixing and Blending

SPX offers a wide range of continuous mixing and SPX blending equipment for sugar, powder, gas and molten liquids that fit all their specific needs.

  • APV FlexMix family
  • APV FlexMix CSD (Continuous Sugar Dissolver) Fully automatic sugar syrup mixing system with Brix control)
  • APV CarboMaster (Continuous product mixing and CO2/N2 )
  • APV BlendMaster (Continuous mixing with binary or multi-component liquids, water, concentrates, sugar syrup, citric acid, salts, flavors, other substances)

Air Removal

  • APV Dearator VIIS (Cold water deaerator)
  • APV Dearator VID (Hot water air separator)
  • APV Dearator VFJ (Removal of air from juice concentrates, soft drinks and sugar syrup)

Heat Treatment

  • APV Pasteurizer
  • Fruit juices and concentrates, soft drinks, nectar, tea, coffee or indirectly or directly UHT
  • Other beverages using technologies of the SPX portfolio can be used for aseptic heat treatment.
  • Businesses applying UHT that depend on continuity can be selected from the SPX UHT technology portfolio.

Evaporation and Distillation

  • APV Evaporator Provinces are used to make fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, instant coffee and tea.
  • APV distillation restores aromatic flavors in coffee and juice.