Heat Exchanger Application Areas

Use of Heat Exchangers in the Chemical Industry

Heat Exchanger Chemical Industry Applications

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APV plate heat exchangers spend performance to ensure efficiency in corrosion and even the most demanding chemical applications.

From pure water to acid quenching and Amine, SPX has a wide range of materials (plates and gaskets) with an unmatched level of application experience to deliver optimum performance and maximum protection in processes.

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Benefits of Using APV Heat Exchangers

  • Wide selection of plates and gaskets resistant to aggressive process fluids
  • Ease of cleaning and assembly
  • Having welded and unwelded plate parts
  • Reducing the possibility of leakage with limited gasket usage design
  • Flexible structures to meet variable process needs
  • Up to 97% heat recovery
  • Efficient work
  • Low costs by reducing the heat transfer area you need thanks to high thermal efficiency
  • Low fluid operating costs due to low initial fluid requirements
  • No need for complex maintenance such as X-Ray, ultrasonic and other non-destructive testing procedures in maintenance
  • While the exchanger operates safely, the need for inspection and maintenance is reduced due to the corrosion-resistant materialı
  • Reduces costs as heat exchanger life is longp
  • No moving parts eliminates vibration and reduces maintenance
  • Reducing pollution ensures high thermal efficiency while reducing maintenance and operating costs.