As Blood Transfer Pumps, Air Diaphragm Pumps are an ideal solution for emptying the pools where wastes such as blood and washing water accumulate in slaughterhouses and slaughter stations. Its suction capability, compact and easily portable structure provides ease of using . In addition parts such as bone , marrow mixed into the blood are transferred without damaging the pump with the chamber monopumps.

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Blood pumps are generally designed for industrial or medical uses. Blood pumps used in slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses are used to evacuate or process blood during and after the slaughter of animals. These types of pumps must be strong and durable because they are often used to effectively process large amounts of blood.

Slaughterhouse blood pumps are designed to quickly and effectively drain the blood of large animals used in slaughterhouse operations. These pumps generally must have high pressure and high capacity.

Blood Transfer PumpsSlaughterhouse blood pumps may generally be designed for smaller businesses or private uses. These are also used to evacuate blood during and after slaughter of animals, but they may be smaller in diameter and capacity than slaughterhouse pumps.

Such blood pumps must be hygienic and easy to clean, because they are used in the food industry and may come into contact with blood. It is also very important that they are safe and sound, because they are designed to ensure the safety of operators and other workers during operations.