Conventional energy is a type of energy based on fossil fuels, which has been used for a long time and is therefore conventionally defined, which is also called exhaustible because its renewal processes are too long compared to human life. The way to generate electrical energy in a conventional thermal power plant is as in a nuclear power plant. The water is heated in a boiler so high pressure steam is created. The steam is then fed to a turbine. Turbines are connected with the same shaft as high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure. After the steam enters the high pressure turbine, it is reheated before returning to the medium pressure turbine.

Plate Heat Exchangers

Plakalı Eşanjörler

Industrial Heat Exchangers


Estampinox Santrifüj Pompa

Estampınox Centrifugal Pumps

Stainless Steel Connection Equipment

Paslanmaz Çelik Borular

Stainless Steel Pipes

Paslanmaz Çelik Fittingsler

Stainless Steel Fittings

Paslanmaz Çelik Vanalar

Stainless Steel Valves