Flying Oils and Essence Processes; We can safely transfer flammable products such as cologne, alcohol, essence with our diaphragm pumps working as ex-proof with air. In addition, we provide safe solutions in flammable environments with our centrifuge pumps made with ex-proof motor.

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The transfer and processing of flammable and volatile substances, such as volatile oils and essential oils, is critical for both safety and efficiency. The equipment used when working with such substances must be exproof (explosion-proof). Diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps are equipment commonly used in these processes. In addition, side entry mixers also play an active role in mixing processes. Here is detailed information about the use of these equipment:

Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps offer a safe and efficient solution for the transfer of flammable products such as essences and volatile oils. These pumps are classified as positive displacement pumps and operate by the reciprocal action of two flexible diaphragms. Main features of air-operated exproof diaphragm pumps:

  • Explosion Protection (Exproof): These pumps are designed for use in hazardous and flammable environments. It is ex-proof certified and operates safely without the risk of sparks.
  • Chemical Compatibility: They are manufactured from materials resistant to a variety of chemicals, making them compatible with acids, bases, solvents and other aggressive chemicals.
  • Dry Operation: Diaphragm pumps can operate without liquid and are not damaged by dry operation.
  • Self-Suction Capacity: These pumps can easily draw liquids thanks to their high self-suction properties.

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are dynamic pumps that enable the transfer of liquids by centrifugal force, and when equipped with ex-proof motors, they can be used safely in flammable environments. Features of these pumps:

  • High Flow Rate: Centrifugal pumps can operate at high flow rates and transfer large volumes of liquid quickly.
  • Low Maintenance Requirement: These pumps require low maintenance due to their simple design.
  • Efficient Energy Use: Centrifugal pumps provide energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Ex-proof Motors: Explosion-proof motors ensure safety in flammable and explosive environments.

Side Entry Mixers

Side-entry mixers are mounted on the side of tanks to ensure homogeneous mixing of liquids. They are especially preferred in large volume tanks and environments with flammable materials. Main features of these mixers:

  • Homogeneous Mixing: Side-entry mixers ensure homogeneous mixing of liquids in the tank, which increases process efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency: These mixers provide high efficiency mixing with low energy consumption.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Easy to install and maintain thanks to side mounting.
  • Exproof Design: They have an exproof design for use in flammable and explosive environments.

Use in Flying Oils and Essence Processes

The use of these equipment in essential oils and essence processes can be explained with the following steps:

  1. Transfer Processes: Diaphragm pumps and centrifugal pumps enable the safe and efficient transfer of volatile oils and essences to tanks or other process equipment.
  2. Mixing Procedures: Side-entry mixers increase product quality by ensuring homogeneous mixing of the liquids in the tank.
  3. Safety and Efficiency: Ex-proof equipment ensures safe operation in flammable environments and increases process efficiency.

In this way, ex-proof diaphragm and centrifugal pumps and side-entry mixers used in essential oils and essence processes offer ideal solutions to ensure both a safe and efficient process.