Palm oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the fruit of the palm tree and widely used around the world. Palm oil is widely used in the food industry in the production of margarine, frying oil, ice cream, chocolate and various other products. It is also used in cosmetic products, cleaning materials and biodiesel production.

In Palm Oil process; There are five basic stages.

  • Processing of crude oil (Degumming)
  • Ph balance (Neutralization)
  • Removal the smell of oil (Deodorization)
  • Stearin removal from oil (winterization)
  • Giving oil shine (Bleaching)

Palm oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the fruit of the palm tree and widely used around our specially designed plate heat exchangers are used to heat the oil in Palm Oil Process. In all these stages, we offer ideal solutions with our hygienic centrifugal pumps for oil transfer and positive displacement pumps for the transfer of inflated particles in the Degumming stage. With our air diaphragm pumps, we can also carry out acid-caustic transfers without any problems. We have 200rpm -1000rpm-1500rpm mixers to prevent sediment in all oil stock tanks.

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Palm Oil Process - Palm oil transfer pumpsPalm oil transfer pumps are special pumps used to transport palm oil during processing. These pumps ensure the safe transfer of oil and increase process efficiency. Palm oil transfer pumps are generally one or more of the following types:

Palm oil transfer pumps

  1. Diaphragm Pumps: These are durable and reliable pumps used for the transfer of viscous liquids such as palm oil.
  2. Gear Pumps: These are pumps used to transfer viscous liquids at high pressures and low flow rates. Gear pumps used in palm oil transfer are generally made of high-strength materials.
  3. Peristaltic Pumps: These pumps transfer the liquid by squeezing it through a hose. They can be used to transfer sensitive liquids such as palm oil because they keep product contact surfaces to a minimum.

Palm oil transfer pumps are selected considering factors such as reliability, hygiene and process efficiency and are used in accordance with the requirements of the process.