The most important issue for Milk Tank Agitators; is the thinning of the structure of the milk. With our positive displacement Lobe and Twin Screw pumps and air-operated Diaphragm Pumps, we provide proper transfer without tiring the milk and without disturbing its structure. We offer an ideal solution for product heating and cooling with our specially designed wide-range heat exchanger plates.

Milk Tank Agitators

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200 rpm Agitators

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Milk Tank AgitatorsMilk Tank Agitators are devices that ensure homogeneous mixing of milk and prevent the separation of components during storage. These agitators are generally used in large milk tanks and ensure that the fat and other ingredients in the milk are distributed homogeneously.

Milk tank agitators play an important role in the dairy industry to improve the quality and shelf life of milk. They also help achieve more consistent results in milk processing processes.