When the Pomace Oil Process are taken to the factory, our large reservoir, double rotor and mobile mono pumps or specially designed helical propeller pumps are used in the beginning of olive oil production. We offer ideal solutions with our positive displacement pumps for decanter, olive paste and olive pomace transfers as well as hygienic centrifuge and flexible propeller pumps for olive oil and black water transfers as well . We have 200rpm -1000rpm-1500rpm mixers to prevent residue in olive oil stock tanks. Also we have stainless body plate heat exchangers for pomace oil heating and cooling processes.

Pomace Oil Transfer Pump

Paslanmaz Çelik San. Pompalar

Stainless Steel Industrial Pumps

Lobe Pompa

Lobe Pumps

Twin Screw Pompa

Twin Screw Pumps

mono pompa


Diyafram Pompalar

Air Operated Pumps

Pomace Oil Heat Exchangers

Dondurma Karışımı ( Icemix) için Geniş Aralıklı Eşanjörler

Plate Heat Exchangers

Pomace Oil Tank Mixers

Seyyar Karıştırıcılar

Portable Mixers

Yatay Karıştırıcılar

Side Entry Agitators

Stainless Steel Connection Equipment

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Stainless Steel Pipes

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Stainless Steel Fittings

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