Caustic Production Processes

Sodium Hydroxide does not occur naturally but it is very easy to produce. It is usually produced as a 50% solution as a result of the electrolysis of Sodium Chloride. Meanwhile, Chlorine gas is also produced. When the water in the solution is evaporated, solid caustic is obtained. We offer you reliable services with our plate heat exchangers, mixers and other flow equipment used for heating, cooling and mixing purposes in caustic production processes in the chemical industry.

Cooling Heat Exchanger

Endüstriyel Eşanjörler

Industrial Heat Exchangers

Other Equipment That Can Be Used In The Process


Multitooth Mikserler

Multitooth Mixer

In-line Hızlı Karışım Mikseri, sıralı mikser

In-line Mixer

Tankaltı Mikserler

Tank Bottom Mixer


Yatay Karıştırıcılar

Vertical Mixer

Dikey Karıştırıcılar

Vertical Agitators




Stainless Steel Connection Equipment

Paslanmaz Çelik Borular

Stainless Steel Pipes

Paslanmaz Çelik Fittingsler

Stainless Steel Fittings

Paslanmaz Çelik Vanalar

Stainless Steel Valves