We provide an ideal transfer for products which can also have variable viscosity, without tiring the product and without disruption its structure like ice cream mix with our positive displacement Lobe and Twin Screw pumps . We offer an ideal solution for product heating and cooling with our specially designed wide range heat exchanger plates.

Ice Cream Mix (Icemix) Transfer Pumps

Lobe Pompa

Lobe Pumps

Twin Screw Pompa

Twin Screw Pumps

Wide Range Heat Exchangers for Ice Cream Mix (Icemix)

Dondurma Karışımı ( Icemix) için Geniş Aralıklı Eşanjörler

Plate Heat Exchangers

Stainless Steel Connection Equipment

Paslanmaz Çelik Borular

Stainless Steel Pipes

Paslanmaz Çelik Fittingsler

Stainless Steel Fittings

Paslanmaz Çelik Vanalar

Stainless Steel Valves