Lemonade; It consists of many components such as lemon juice, sugar, lemon peel. It takes quite a long time with normal equipment for all these inputs to break down and get a single-phase homogeneous structure that is not separated. we provide a single phase homogeneous Lemonade – Ice Tea Process in a much shorter time with our multitooth and vertical mixers by shortening this production time. Manufactured from A316 quality stainless steel, our lemonade-ice tea pumps have a long life against corrosion due to their high wall thickness. By using the same seal in different models of the pumps, it has achieved a standard in spare parts stocks. it enables control and cleaning applications in a short time with its easy disassembly feature . Our certified aseptic sampling valves and bags, in hygienic sampling; It provides great convenience. We also provide service for lemonade and ice tea pasteurizations with our stainless steel plate heat exchangers.

Lemonade - Ice Tea Transfer Pumps

Paslanmaz Çelik San. Pompalar

Stainless Steel Industrial Pumps

Asit pompaları

High Capacity Centrifugal Pumps

Limonata - Ice Tea Mikserleri

Multitooth Mikserler

Multitooth Mixers

Vertical Mikserler

Vertical Mixers

In-line Hızlı Karışım Mikseri, sıralı mikser

In-line Mixers

Limonata - Ice Tea Heat Exchangers

Dondurma Karışımı ( Icemix) için Geniş Aralıklı Eşanjörler

Plate Heat Exchangers

Aseptik Numune Alma Vanası

Aseptic Sampling Valve

Numune Alma Torbaları

Sampling Bags

Stainless Steel Connection Equipment

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Stainless Steel Pipes

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Stainless Steel Fittings

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